I am a mom. As I mom I get to participate in the many activities of my daughter, Cate. On Mondays Cate has choir practice. Today I was on for our carpool, so I locked up at PNC and went to pick up Cate and her two friends, J and A. I must say, the trip to and from rehearsal is always highly entertaining.

Here’s why:

1. These kids like to be wordsmiths. J was trying to figure out an adjective that started with the letter O. A suggested “origami-ish”. I asked him to use it in a sentence, to which he replied “Erinn, you are always sooooo origami-ish”. Um. I decided to take it as a compliment.

2. Listening to incessant giggling makes me want to giggle.

3. I get to hear the three of them sing together, even at the end of the day when you’d think they might be tired out.

4. Cate and J decided to compose their own opera about fruit. The chorus included the line, “Do you want to be a raspberry?”

5. The four of us had a highly intelligent conversation about what it means to be homeless. They were keen to point out that you could have a place to live and still feel home-less. Yes.

6. It’s become a bit of a tradition that I take everyone to Tim Horton’s for a small treat before rehearsal. When we get close to the parking lot they put their hands in the air and announce they can “feel the turn”.

7. It’s good for this piano teacher’s soul (I have a handful of students) to hear kids talking about theory and practicing singing minor thirds and perfect octaves.

These three kids make me laugh. I really do enjoy having them fill up the back seat- even when it means I can’t stop singing about being a pineapple.

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