Since I seem to be on a roll with confessions, here’s another one: I find fundraising difficult (says the one endeavouring to raise her own salary and funding for PNC ). The problem is not a lack of faith in what I’m doing. Not only do I love it, I believe in it. I think the problem is that money makes me uncomfortable. I often lament the necessity of money and long for the day it becomes obsolete. The divide between those with much and those with little  is all too obvious. I neither live on the street, nor in a mansion. My reality is that I fall into the middle category. I live in a house with running water, a well-stocked fridge and a warm bed. Certainly relative to much of this world I am indeed rich.

So how do I proceed?

One of my favourite authors, Henri Nouwen, wrote a book called “A Spirituality of Fundraising”.  This little book has proven pivotal for me. In it Nouwen says, “fundraising is first of all, a form of ministry. It is a way of announcing your vision, and inviting other people into your vision with the resources that are available to them.” He further points out that, “fundraising is precisely the opposite of begging”.

I asked my daughter Cate to describe what she understands the vision of PNC to be. She said, “you let people in”. How beautifully straightforward and totally worth announcing.

I’m not here to beg. I’m not here to guilt anyone in to giving. For those of you who know me you’ll know this to be true. I’m simply here to extend the invitation to come in. Come in to share a meal, come in to make some art, come in to talk about your doubts, come in to have a chat, come in to discover how participating looks for you. I am grateful no matter what you decide, whether it be to get involved, support from afar or simply remember that this ministry exists.

The invitation stands: come on in. Let’s co-create something beautiful.


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