There are days when I feel like I am constantly reminding myself to breathe. Today was one of those days. Inhale, exhale, repeat.

On my way to PNC I was imagining how this day might unfold, especially considering that Souad, my trusted Volunteer Kitchen Coordinator was going to be away. Monday is our busiest day. We easily see up to 120 people, all of whom come to eat. Add to the mix that PNC is in severe financial constraints, attempting a move by the end of the month and employer to one staff (me) and you get a girl who needs to remember to breathe. I kept thinking, “God, I need Your help. Today I need to lean into You”.

Instead of listening to music on my way in, I decided to listen to the sound of air moving through my mouth and out my nose. Inhale, exhale. This act is surprisingly calming.

Throughout the day this sense of calm pervaded the craziness. At the grocery store I only had to buy 5 lbs of carrots- the smallest shop for a drop-in I think maybe ever. There was lots of help in the kitchen and a soup/stew, bread and salad hit the tables on-time. People danced to the live music provided by Peter at the piano. I had to help diffuse a few situations outside the building that could have gone even more sideways. And actually it provided the opportunity for me to have productive conversations with the police and neighbours who are particularly feeling like my community shouldn’t be in their backyard. Someone new to PNC shook my hand as he left and said, “it does my heart good to be here”. Ah, yes- take a deep breath for there is so much good.

I am admittedly tired after a very full day. I am also so very relieved and amazed at how yet again we have been provided for. I suppose I should stop being surprised, though I enjoy the wonderment I feel again and again.

On my way home I started to think about everything that needs to happen this week. Fortunately before I got too caught up in the worry I was reminded of my early morning prayer and the way in which it was answered. God indeed helped.

Inhale, exhale, repeat.

One thought on “Inhale, Exhale

  1. Thanks Erinn for this reminder. I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed with all that is supposed to happen in the next 3 weeks not to mention figuring out housing, finances and how I’m going to spend my time the next year. I needed the reminder to BREATHE and to rely on God

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