I have been feeling really, really tired over the last week: emotionally, spiritually and physically. Many people around me are feeling the same. I know too many people who are at the proverbial end of their ropes. Some have run out of tears, even though the reason to cry continues to exist. Life is sometimes just…hard.

It’s at times like this that I notice the need to be grateful for even the smallest of things. I haven’t always defaulted to this. I still don’t always, though I am making a concerted effort to keep my eyes open for even the almost imperceptible moments of good.

Take today: neither my co-worker Joanna or I could manage a drop-in that was anything but calm. Except that we run a DROP-IN. One of the things I most love about our drop-ins is that people are welcome to come as they are. The reality is this invitation can mean people come angry or drunk or even frantic. Most times this is fine; sometimes it means things go sideways. Those kind of days are challenging. With little in our reserves, we sat to pray there would be peace.

Remarkably, there was. A beautiful calm descended on our dear community.

Today I am grateful

for a serene drop-in,

for a few minutes to pray with Joanna,

for sausages, mashed sweet and white potatoes and salad,

for the sound of people making music,

for an amazing crew of people who washed every single dirty dish,

for being able to explain to someone how much I miss my Dad who is no longer alive,

for a few more minutes to pray with a friend who had run out of words to pray himself,

for the person who said, “Erinn I don’t know why, but I have to tell you something” and proceeded to speak the exact words I needed to hear,

and even for the bad jokes I was told (that I don’t dare repeat here).

On their own, these things might feel small. Written out together they all of a sudden feel pretty big.

For that I’m grateful too.

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