I have been reflecting a lot on how PNC has weathered what has been an incredibly challenging year and a bit.  It has been so hard AND so deeply good. We are still here because countless organizations and individuals (you know who you are, though I intend to say this to you each directly) have come alongside and reminded us that we are not alone.  We have been offered space to run our programs, food to create the meals, money to make sure the bills we do have get paid, prayer support and the gift of people’s presence. We have come a long way together.

God has seen fit to create a new work in Parkdale, one with a deeply rooted history and now taking on new forms. I have witnessed God’s peace going deeper than the pain. I have seen with my own eyes the multiplying of “loaves and fishes” when it seemed certain there would not be enough. We have a testimony to tell.

I’m not sure that these words can truly convey my gratitude. I am thankful from every part of my being. That is not an overstatement, it’s simply the truth.

The journey is not over. In many ways it has just begun. Keep with us.

There will be more stories to share.

One thought on “A Shout Out

  1. Erin be very proud of what you and those around you have accomplished. God has given you a gift that you are not wasting. Stand tall, the blessings you have received are in no small measure because of your hard work . You are always in my prayers.

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