Eek, it’s been rather quiet in these here parts for a bit. I think I might have “summer brain”. I love this time of year, though it challenges the part of me that relishes routine. There is no shortage of things going on, both at PNC and home. I haven’t done a post about the RIGHT NOW in a while, so here goes.

Right now…

: I am trying to juggle getting everything done at PNC while having a little girl out of school and at home. I am grateful to the many who are hosting Cate on play-dates, my very understanding co-worker who doesn’t mind having our staff meeting at my house and the PNC community who really loves having Cate around. Just taking it all a day at a time.

: I am getting ready to lead our Sunday service that starts at 2 pm. I nervously started leading our own service again after months of doing it jointly with our friends at the Jeremiah Community. Sundays are taking off in a beautiful way. I led a brainstorming session recently about what it is that we want to learn together. People said things like, “I want to understand the Bible more”, “what does it mean to teach in this context? and can I try?”, “can we talk about the Proverbs and the Psalms?”, “what is the Christian calendar all about?”. Such good stuff.

: I am thinking about things to do at what my daughter calls “Camp Oxford”. So far it has involved making many bracelets with gimp, swimming at our local public pool, a trip to the Bata Shoe Museum, staying in pyjamas all day, sleepovers, going to the beach at Jackson’s Point, fireworks on Canada Day. Up next: apparently you can tie-dye with sharpies. We’ll see how that goes.

: I am keenly aware of how our Health Care system is helping take care of my Mom and Dion, my husband. My Mom lives in a complex continuing care unit of a hospital and Dion is currently receiving assistance at Toronto Rehab for his MS. I’m thankful.

: I’m watching the PNC plot in the HOPE Community garden come to life.

: I’m considering the fact that PNC’s presence is widening. I recently took one of my Parkdale friends out for a coffee and doughnut. My friend has a serious struggle with schizophrenia and is fairly well-known in the neighbourhood. I was shocked and quietly grateful that the coffee shop owner, a gentleman I had never met, told me he knew exactly who I was, where I worked and why he was glad to see the coffee date happening.

: I am thrilled with how the PNC Board is growing. Our Board members are committed to providing oversight, healthy governance and accountability to PNC as an organization. I don’t know what I would do without their support. Full stop.

: I am enjoying the very warm days, the lanterns in our backyard at night, doing street outreach, our weekly drop-ins, meeting new people, seeing old friends and realizing that by relaxing into the summer it doesn’t have to completely whiz by.

Happy summer my friends.

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