On Tuesday morning Joanna Moon and I met the newest member of our community: an 8 pound, 11 ounce beautiful baby girl. She has five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot, a head full of dark hair and a sweet little mouth.

The challenge is this: the mother needs to convince many people that she is capable of taking care of her daughter.

I of course need to be careful about what I write. What I can share is that PNC is fully committed to developing a circle of support around our beloved friend. We want everyone to be safe. We want, if it is truly at all possible, for this family to remain a unit.

The reality is that resources are few.

This is where you might come in.

After our Cate was born people showered us with meals. I think we should do the same in this situation. Having a fridge and freezer stocked with meals from others will be a new experience for my friend. For those who have ever experienced being exhausted because of a situation (new parenthood or grief or…), this kind of thing can be incredibly practical and precious. Maybe this could be what you offer: a single meal.

Other things are needed too: diapers, Similac Formula (in this case, formula will be used as a supplement to breast feeding. Similac is what has been already introduced to baby’s diet), clothing, etc. A priority is a stroller. They have a crib. Maybe you have something that you have been meaning to donate to a Thrift Store; or you feel compelled to buy some diapers; or you can do neither, but are willing to pray and/or send good thoughts.

New motherhood is hard. New motherhood like this takes “hard” to a whole new level. Let’s spread some love.




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