PNC is changing its name. It feels like I’ve been talking about this for a million years (I know, slight overstatement!), but we are finally at a place to announce it. Important to note is that this change isn’t legal yet. However, that work is underway and we know it is time to begin facilitating the transition.

Just a wee bit nervously, I want to introduce you all to:


Why “Dale”?

Dale, noun:

  1. A valley, usually an area found low in the mountains
  2. A safe place, where one goes during a storm
  3. Park(DALE), the neighbourhood in which we are rooted
  4. God walks with us through the valleys and dales; we commit to walk with each other in the same way

 Why “Ministries”?

 Ministries, noun:

  1. The services or function of a church/religion/minister, etc.
  2. Broadly used and understood in secular AND sacred culture (i.e. “The Ministry of Health”)
  3. A collective group

The process:

Community members were asked: what does PNC mean to you? The number one word used was “safe”.

A group of four people (Scott Boniface, Cynthia Leung, Joanna Rivard, and myself) gathered to distill the results and brainstorm ideas.

Scott Boniface of Playground Inc., a digital creative agency designed and presented a number of options, all on a volunteer basis. He is behind the beautiful logo: an aerial shot of the shape of Parkdale with two main arteries intersecting which look reminiscent of a cross. 

After much consideration, Google and NUANS searches (to make sure the name didn’t already exist) and prayer, the decision was made.

For the record, I now know how hard it is to choose a name. I am so grateful to Scott for helping make the process as streamlined as possible. Thank you again to Scott + Joanna and Cynthia for making time for meetings and getting the creative juices flowing. Thank you to the Board. Thank you to my family (though I know Cate really wanted “blueberry” to be worked into the name). And thank you to the most precious community that has been known until now as PNC. You are what this is about. Together we have weathered many storms and discovered how present God is in the valleys, dales AND on the mountaintops. Because of you The Dale is a safe place for me too.

2 thoughts on “Finally, Our New Name

  1. All the best. Good luck. Try to have open minds and remember the Nicean Creed- ‘A HOLY catholic and apostolic church’.

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