I’m not so good at New Year’s resolutions.

It’s not that I don’t believe in striving for helpful change in my life. Actually, I’m quite the opposite. It’s just that I find the heat produced by making a change “cold turkey” goes rather tepid come, say, January 15th. *Ahem* It’s far too easy to fall off the proverbial wagon and then give up. I do like a definition of resolution that I recently found: it’s the “process of reducing things into simpler forms”. That sounds right, because for me it’s all about baby steps, that making a mistake doesn’t mean all hope is lost, that each day is a new day.

With this in mind, I am taking some time to imagine what I would love to do/see/create/learn in the coming year(s). In no particular order:

Fold laundry soon after it comes out of the dryer. When I actually do this it makes its way into drawers and I feel far more relaxed. Hey, if this is the ONLY place I can lessen stress in my life, than I’m game.

The Oxford car has turned into a taxi and storage room for The Dale. It has been determined that due to my husband Dion’s health he must (read: only, ever) drive using hand controls. Our car is now equipped with these. So, I am now dreaming about getting what I already affectionately call a “Dale-mobile”. I figure if we can’t have walls of our own, we could maybe have wheels. Having a vehicle of our own would allow us even more freedom to help people move; visit people in hospitals, treatment programs and jails all over the city; accompany people to appointments; and of course, store stuff. We’ll see!

I hope to grow The Dale’s staff team.

I will endeavour to not worry about money at home or at work. The last two years have taught me a great deal about this. We have been provided for in beautiful and often unexpected ways. Further, I will work to give even more away.

Read more.

I have been working at resting on Fridays. I work on Sundays, so this has become especially important. I want to build this so into my life that everyone comes to expect that I won’t be plugged in and will be hard to reach this one day a week. Hold me to it, my friends.

Cate has been taking a pottery class and has reminded me that I love clay. One of the mugs she crafted has become a favourite. I have a reignited desire to sit behind a pottery wheel again.

There is a long history of cancer in my family (on both sides). My Dad died of a heart attack. I know that being mindful of my health doesn’t guarantee anything, but I want to eat right, move a lot and be as healthy as I possibly can.

Dion has MS and knows that eating anti-inflammatory foods helps him feel better. I am trying hard to learn how to cook accordingly.

I want to rush less and linger more.

I long to love mercy, seek after justice and walk very humbly…in everything I do.

One step at a time.

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