I work very hard to be present to the moment. This does not come easily for me. I have this imagination that likes to run amuck devising what may or may not happen in the future. When this happens I have learned to shake my head and sometimes literally grab it in order to turn my gaze on what is right in front of me. My inner voice asks, “what can you focus on?”. The answer is sometimes the coffee I am drinking or the dishes in the sink or the book in my bag- seemingly simple things that bring me back to reality.

For a long time a friend has persistently asked me to go to a Zumba class with her. Zumba, for those who don’t know is a dance/aerobics fitness program inspired largely by Latin Dance. Zumba isn’t new to me, though I hadn’t participated in a long time [ahem]. After a particularly hard week, er month, this friend told me she would pick me up and take me with her. She kept telling me that it would be the best way to shake off my stress. She was absolutely right.

I haven’t been too many times, but I already hate to miss. I am not very good at it (read: I am terrible), but for that hour I get lost in the music and don’t worry about anything other than making my legs and arms go in the right direction. I sweat. Occasionally I think I might faint. And I have the BEST sleep after it all.

I know that the more strategies I have for living in the now, the better. I am learning to do what I suggest to so many people in my Dale community on a regular basis: take things one step at a time. Even the baby-est of steps are to be celebrated. Zumba is one of my steps toward a healthier life.

With this in mind, I better go practice my salsa.

One thought on “Zumba

  1. AND you are an excellent Salsa dancer at that!! Love this post Erinn. It gives me much joy to read it and to know you! Please keep coming to Zumba! Your light shines bright both as a mother and as a person. ❤

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