I got home one night after a Dale Board meeting to be greeted by some friends hanging out in my living room. Not knowing my Board, but aware of what I had been up to, one of them asked (dripping with sarcasm), “so, how was that? Must have been fun. The Board meetings I go to are such a blast.” My answer was clearly not the one expected: “it was great. I am so grateful for that group of people. I always leave feeling encouraged.”

The Dale Ministries Board of Directors is six people. They provide financial oversight, ensure proper governance, monitor programs and offer accountability and support to me and by extension, Joanna. Over the last number of years they have balanced the need to be both cautious and brave as we move forward as a lean organization without our own walls. With their prayerful guidance we continue to grow and discover what it means to be confident in God’s provision and stability.

Simply put, I do not know what I would do without this group. I feel cared for by them as a Director, but also as a friend. They carefully listen to my reports about programming, concerns about the community, fear about my abilities and stories from my life outside of work. I know they have my back and I hope they know I have theirs. Thank you to those Board members who came before my time and paved the way, to those who recently finished their tenure, and to those who are serving now. I feel fortunate to be on your team.

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