Occasionally I get into what I often describe as a “fundraising funk”. The Dale is a lean organization that is entirely dependent on the financial support of others to do what we do. During my so-called funks I begin to wonder where the next little bit might come from, sure that I am at the end of ideas. Fortunately these times are often short-lived. Not one has ended quite as surprisingly as my last one though, screeching to a halt when I received an e-mail titled: “The Dale Fundraiser at 5000 Yonge Street on May 20th, 2015”.

The body of the e-mail went on to explain that the Warner Brothers Donations Committee had decided to support The Dale by holding a raffle, the grand prize being a private screening of a theatrical release for you and up to forty people. I was invited to be present on the 20th in order to share the story of The Dale.

Apart from being a wonderful shock, I knew this was an amazing opportunity. My husband and I went to the movies just before the fundraiser and when the WB logo filled the screen I elbowed him, feeling a swell of gratitude that such a company would take notice of The Dale. I want to publicly say thank you to Warner Brothers for believing in our cause and making an impact. It means a lot that you would come alongside The Dale as we work to build community that is safe and respectful for all people, particularly those who are touched by poverty.


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