I have always loved Easter. I remember being really little and mostly excited about wearing a new dress and white sandals (because it was warm enough) on a sunny Easter Sunday. I still have a soft spot for ham and scalloped potatoes, our traditional meal at this time of year. Our street has done a big egg hunt for the last nine years that I always look forward to. I’m a sucker for chocolate and there is always a lot of it around now. The essence of Easter though is something that doesn’t fit in a pastel coloured basket and is increasingly something that is making me impatient.

I believe that Jesus died and then defied that death by returning to life. I believe in the hope Jesus established. The Easter season reminds me that light has broken through the darkness and one day all will be made whole. What I don’t get is why it is all taking so long.

This has been a brutal week in the news, both international and local. I know a person who was just given notice of eviction and will be without a home at the end of March. I knew the man who was working for the TTC, became wanted and was recently found dead near Peterborough. A beloved friend came in to the Monday drop-in last week feeling entirely at the end of her rope. Dion’s MS has not been healed. These are a mere handful of stories. Just imagine if we all contributed.

Recognizing that I was getting agitated as we drew closer to Holy Week, I have tried to slow down my thoughts, sit quietly and look beyond the despair I see in the news or my own life.  I think a pivotal moment was having the opportunity to wash the feet of some community members on Maundy Thursday. As I poured the water over one person’s feet I could hear an audible sigh. We talked briefly afterwards and he explained how powerful it was to feel clean- not his feet (though he was grateful for that), but his heart. While he remains painfully aware of his own struggles and sin, he sees that God is slowly making him whole, clean and hopeful.

Easter reminds me that hope is real. I continue to want things to be made right: for estranged relationships to be reconciled, for illnesses to be cured, for homelessness to be eradicated, for justice to prevail. Though I am impatient, I want to love in the midst of pain, confident that the future is in the hands of the one who defeated death not for himself, but for all of us.




3 thoughts on “Easter: When Impatience and Hope Collide

  1. I hear you Erinn! Patience has never been one of my strongest virtues and I rarely ask for patience guessing that I’ll be tested ☺️ I am so grateful for what Jesus did for us!
    I will try to love others and I will not judge. My anxiousness, I give to God and am so grateful for my health. I pray for Dion and his situation, along with you as you take on SO much and sweet Cate growing to a beautiful young lady ❤️

      1. For too many years I sat on the fence about my faith. Watching and seeing how other believers behave has given me strength to also be outspoken. Between attending women’s bible study, specifically about Daniel and hearing sermons on what a disciple ‘today’ does I ask myself frequently ‘ What would Jesus do?’

        I love my GIG (girlfriends in God) and would love to be prayer buddies w/ you Erinn. xo

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