Early this evening Dion was finally moved out of the Emergency Department into a regular room.This is good for a number of reasons: he feels less disconnected because his phone has a signal, he will have access to physio and occupational therapy, and he has a window. As anyone who has been in hospital knows, time seems to stand still, so having a view helps you remember that the world continues to move.

Important to note is that Dion remains in isolation because he entered the hospital with a respiratory infection. Anyone who enters his room has to wear a mask, gloves and gown. Until infection control is convinced the risk has been eliminated, this will continue. We hope of course this will change soon.

Dion is in better spirits overall, though still fatigued. His appetite is low. He was able to stand in order to be transferred to a chair, but we don’t know what walking will look like yet. The medical team seems hopeful that he will get back to his “baseline” with time. They also plan to have a respiratory therapist investigate the elevated diaphragm.

The outpouring of prayer, sending of good thoughts and care has been overwhelming. Thank you. We will continue to rely on the strength of all of you as we navigate this set-back, as well as the uncertainty of the terrible disease that is MS. The Biblical story of the paralytic man who must count on his friends and their faith to be lowered through the roof to meet Jesus and receive healing is not lost on me. I don’t know if that man had a partner/caregiver, but if he did I imagine that they too would have needed to be touched by Jesus. I know I do, as does Cate.

In gratitude and much peace, Erinn




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