The Dale has a staff team of two: me and Joanna Moon. It is now time for that to change. As sweet as the last four years have been with just the two of us, we recognize it is time to grow. Just yesterday a community member knowingly said, “you and Joanna need another person on the floor”. And so it is with excitement and hope that we want to make public our search for a third staff member.

If you are someone who is passionate about developing relationships and fostering a sense of community; is sensitive to the needs of people, in particular those who know marginalization; understands that we all have gifts to give and wounded places that need healing, and can support a unique context like The Dale Ministries, please contact me at to receive the posting before December 31, 2016.

Please note that paid staff positions at The Dale are self-supported via fundraising. If you would like to discuss this model of compensation and explore what building a network of support could look like for you, please let me know.

While The Dale may have a small staff, we are a community of many. Though our roles differ, we have a shared responsibility for this precious place. This announcement is an invitation to join not just me and Joanna, but all of us.

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