Sometimes a camera does the talking for me. Here are a handful of images from Newfoundland that hopefully do a better job of showcasing its beauty than my feeble words ever could. I only wish I could help you smell the salt water air.



10 thoughts on “Postcards from Newfoundland

  1. Beautiful pictures Erinn and very interesting for me since Newfounland is the only province of Canada I never visited and have always regretted it. I only saw it from the air a few times.. Enjoy your visit.

  2. You have such an eye to capture such beauty Erinn! I could almost smell the salty air and feel the moisture on my face from gentle winds…..Paradise ❤️

  3. Beautiful. Continued love and prayers for your ministry. Blessings, Irene

    On Mon, 28 Aug 2017 00:48:51 +0000

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