Just yesterday, on August 6th 2018, our friend Michael DeWolfe died. Even as I type, I find myself in disbelief. It’s not that Mike was well. He had struggled with a variety of health issues for a long time. Somehow though he always seemed to pull through and rather miraculously be out and about in the neighbourhood. I guess my brain got tricked into believing he would always beat the odds.

Mike was one of the first people I met when I began working in Parkdale. At the time he was known as “Iron Mike”, a clear leader and known by most. He always spoke with a gentle authority, liking to claim that he never raised his voice or swore, which in my experience proved true. He usually substituted the word ‘Christmas’ where one might have used a more typical expletive.

I learned early on that Mike was from Nova Scotia. He spoke of it often. With time I came to understand how complicated a life Mike had led, one that caused him both joy and regret. The east coast held many memories and often seemed to be calling out to him. Years ago Mike was able to move to Newfoundland. I still remember how big a deal it was: for him, and for those from Parkdale who watched him go. He even came for a visit once, asking to address everyone at our Monday Drop-In, where he encouraged people to see how change is possible. Mike had found a job, was in a relationship and healthier than he’d been in years, which gave others hope that it might happen for them.

Over time Mike returned to Parkdale. During the last few years he was a constant presence. He would always make sure to talk to me, whether it was in a drop-in or outside. Usually Mike would express concern about the many challenges I was going through, asking if there was anything he could do to help. Almost always he would talk about his family, specifically his children. More often than not Mike would cry freely during those conversations, wiping his eyes with the palms of both hands.

Just months ago, Joanna, Meagan and I had the opportunity to meet Mike’s son, daughter, and their mother. They had travelled a great distance to be with Mike who was in hospital. I always count it such a privilege to connect with the families of people we are walking alongside at The Dale. We have been in touch since, sharing concern about Mike’s health. It was Mike’s son who confirmed that his dad was now gone. To the whole of Mike’s family and friends, on behalf of The Dale, our deepest condolences.

Mike: thank you for being my friend. I will miss your laugh, your words of encouragement, and your presence. You know that at times you drove me crazy, and I will even miss that. The ‘block’ certainly won’t be the same without you. The last time I saw you was on the steps outside the church on Dunn Avenue, and it was because you sent someone in to the drop-in to get me. Thank you for that last visit. We said goodbye saying, “loves ya”. Loves ya I do.


September 12th, 1962 – August 6th, 2018

2 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Mike

  1. Mike had many of good qualities about him,,he would give you the shirt off his back if you wanted it,,he was a likable person in many ways! but unfortunately mike made some choices in his life that cost him so much over the years.and because of those choices it cost him his life in the end ! am i writing this to be mean or to degrade Mike ? no not at all i considered mike a friend i have seen mike at his best and at his worst.Unfortunately mikes abuse of alchol took a toll over the years it ruined him both mentally and physically.he lost his family over it,, Kenneth and Louanne went to see their dad a little while back while he was in the hospital and i am glad they did ,i am also sure that it meant the world to mike,there are many people who will miss Mike some for the right reasons others for the wrong reasons.If there is one thing anyone can learn from Mikes story,, i hope it is that addiction ruins lives not only the addicts life but those that love him too.Make your choices in life wisely think about how those choices are not only gonna effect you but everyone else around you.Mike you were to young to leave this world but sadly , you had to go because of the choices you made and the years of abuse caught up to you, and your body couldnt take it any more.i hope now you can rest in peace.no more suffering no more pain. rest easy mike.

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