It was a Monday. We were gathered in the large room we use each week for The Dale’s drop-in. Just the day before we had occasion for multiple celebrations: a person finding an apartment after eight months of living outside, new housing for our Community Worker Pete, his wife Frances and their four children, someone declaring The Dale to now be their community. We also prayed for the two babies set to make their entrance very soon. I think it is safe to say we collectively needed a taste of joy, and the hope was that it might permeate the week ahead.

Mondays are always a riot of activity, especially between 1 and 2 pm when the meal is being shared and clean-up commences. I was busy grabbing some supplies from the storage room when I noticed what had the potential to be explosive. Just weeks before two people had a very serious conflict. They had not interacted since. I held my breath as they approached one another and embraced, while offering words of regret and forgiveness. My eyes welled up and I started to jump up and down to get Joanna and Pete’s attention, hoping that they too might bear witness to what honestly felt like a miracle. I think I hopped the entire length of the crowded room to the kitchen.

As I often say, living in community is both messy and beautiful. Sometimes it is downright hard, especially when life feels more bleak than bright. There are many more people who still need affordable housing, some of our relationships remain strained, and conflicts continue to erupt. I am grateful though to be a part of a place where we keep trying to work these things out. We fail. I fail. And we try again.

In the midst of it all, there are incredible moments of provision and reconciliation. New life, both literal and figurative is happening. All of this makes me, however silly it might look, jump up and down.

5 thoughts on “Reasons to Jump

  1. Hi Erinn, I hope that you are well 🙂 I was sorry to miss today but hope that you all had a great time.  Big news happening with Meggs eh? I’m so excited as are we all. I messaged her this morning and asked if she wanted to go to Walmart to get baby stuff or out for coffee and her midwife was there..not a good day for shopping!! I love your post..just thinking do you think that the title should be “Reasons to Jump Up and Down”?? I had the worst reaction to your title thinking something awful was to follow. Just a suggestion..much love to you, Dion and Cate..Cate’s photography is awesome.Love you and miss you,Kate

  2. Another beautiful. Reading. Of yours. Erinn. I love. To. Read. Your. Adventures. You r very inspiring. To. Me as. Well as. Parkdale. Talk. Soon. My. Dear. Friend.


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