It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of another year. As I reflect on all that has transpired during 2020, I am filled with a variety of emotions, ranging from sadness to joy, anxiety to peace, and everything in between. Overwhelmingly though, I feel a sense of gratitude. As a community we have remained intact despite the distance. We have leaned in to the opportunity to creatively address the limitations of COVID-19. There have been tears shed and laughs shared, our refrain often being, “we’re making it work!” or “we’re doing it!”

One constant has been change. We have needed to pivot more than once. Our set-up for giving out meals has been tweaked and then tweaked some more. Meagan has returned from her mat leave. Olivia got married. And most recently, Pete completed his contract with The Dale- we are grateful for and wish the best of things for Pete and his family during this time of transition.

As much as I love finding the words to describe the journey The Dale has and continues to be on, I think pictures can really help bring it to life. This is a vibrant place, one that is nurtured through the support of a very broad network of people. These pictures might be familiar to you, or maybe this is a first glimpse into the neighbourhood. Either way, I invite you to take a look.

Monday Lunch
Prepping meals and groceries for the community
Ross and Sheila (not pictured) getting ready to help with deliveries
A community member’s first garden since being recently housed
Thursday Breakfast
The Dale Devotional- The Beatitudes
Jahn’s Memorial
Let’s do it
Where many friends are currently living
Pete, Meagan, Erinn, Joanna, Olivia

2 thoughts on “Pictures Do Tell a Thousand Words

  1. Hi Erinn, This year has been quite the rollercoaster ride hasn’t it? I once joked months back that 2020 was the year of lunacy and frankly it seems to be so. After someour bo contemplation and some bible knowledge I wonder if this is a plague or meant to wipe us out 🤷‍♀️. I realize our bodies weren’t meant to last forever even if our medical community disagrees. Having said that I believe in quality of life acknowledging I won’t have my parents here with me for too much longer. My father rarely has a day when he feels well and his hips and legs feel like they may give out. My mother was hospitalized with stroke symptoms and has recovered her speech, unciation snd balance returned. WOW In our condo complex we lost two special residents, one I know was a Christian.

    You’re in my prayers.

    Be well, be safe, be kind,


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