It is a moment I will never forget- being asked to step into the role of Executive Director at PNC, now The Dale. I had not aspired to such a job, though I somehow knew deep down that it was right. Despite being terrified, I said yes to the Board. I knew they were taking a risk, especially given the dire financial position we were in. Now ten years later we bear witness to the ways The Dale has risen out of the ashes. We are solvent and very active. I remain indebted to them for daring to believe in me, and the resiliency of our amazing community.

A key component of The Dale is our Board of Directors. They are a diverse group with a common purpose: to love and support our work in Parkdale by providing oversight and accountability. Their work is largely behind-the-scenes, and includes watching the finances, acting as our legal voice, supporting me and equipping the staff as a whole. I witness how they exercise care, diligence and skill in our meetings. When there are difficult decisions to be made, they work hard to talk through all the scenarios while steeping it in prayer.

I can’t talk about the Board without naming the care and love they offer me. They are a safe place to transparently share the challenges I face, both at The Dale and outside of it. When my mom died, they were at the funeral. During times of crisis, meals arrive at the door. They are always willing to hear what I need, or if I don’t know, help me figure it out. I can cry with them. And joke. And strategize. And dream big.

As we celebrate ten years of being The Dale in 2022, I think it is important to acknowledge The Board. They collectively offer great creativity, courage and compassion. Over the years they have quietly and diligently supported this kingdom work, even when it has been hard and messy. Thank you to previous members: Michael Blair, Keith Bundock, Rob Crosby-Shearer, Angela ElzingaCheng, Anita Giardina Lee, Greg Kay, Christian Otte, and Nate Vawser. And thank you to our current team (pictured below): Matt, Jordan, Gen, Ben, Nic, and our newest member, Xenia.

High five team, both past and present, Deep respect and love for you all.

Matthew Rivard
Jordan Lim
Genevieve Barber
Nicolas Francis
Ben Klinck
Xenia Chan

2 thoughts on “A Good Board: Creativity and Courage from Behind the Scenes

  1. Way to go team/board’s present and past. Thanks for your commitment to the Dale and it’s leader!

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