Somebody beloved to us at The Dale had a terrible and life-changing accident over the pandemic. Their body does not do everything it once did. Without providing too much detail, they have required significant rehabilitation because of the injury. The journey has been a challenging one and more recently became overwhelming in a new way. This friend found themselves living unsuccessfully on their own, in an environment that was isolating and without the medical supports needed. This all led to another hospitalization. 

Then something happened. While visiting our friend in hospital, we got to talk directly to the people involved in his acute care and advocate against being sent home. We then quickly got connected to the variety of people from different organizations involved in this situation, including social workers and healthcare professionals. I got to wear my two hats: one from The Dale, one from my role in a local hospital. Multiple phone calls and emails later, we got the news: our friend has been accepted into the transitional care facility of our collective choice (while waiting for Long Term Care). The move happens this week. 

To say that we are thrilled is an understatement. This kind of outcome is what we always hope and pray for, but the red tape of the system too often gets in the way. It is sadly the exception and not the rule. However, there is something special that happens when communication and connection happen between all the necessary people and organizations. The gap that our friend was likely going to fall through, narrowed and then actually closed. Oh, how I long for more of THAT. 

“Wins” come in all shapes and sizes at The Dale. We are constantly learning from one another about what it means to be grateful for the smallest of victories. We like to celebrate. And I think this latest win deserves to be celebrated too. It feels really big. Here’s to our friend being in the right place, right now. And here’s to more of our friends experiencing the same. 

4 thoughts on “Celebrating a Win

  1. Paise the Lord who hears and answers prayers. We have been praying for this “friend” Happy for him.

  2. Praise the Lord God hears and answers prayers . We have been praying for him that God would intervene in his situation. To God be the glory and yea to The Dale Team Ministries.
    God Bless.

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