I have been a little quieter here of late. It is not out of lack of desire to write and share, but more out of a general lack of time as I cope with the many things happening in life these days. Time seems to be spinning by and I am doing the quick step in order to keep up. I long to create healthy balance in my life. My apologies if I have missed your call or failed to respond to an e-mail. I am catching up and truly want to meaningfully engage.

PNC is settling in to our new drop-in space. The spacious, air-conditioned (!) room is making for some very calm gatherings. I am grateful.

I am trying to figure out a way to invite people to support us financially. No easy task I tell you. All I know is that our place needs to continue.

I sat with someone at a picnic table in the park today. She has become a regular at PNC over the last number of months, but this was the first time we had the chance to talk just the two of us. She told me of her challenging upbringing and her interest in breaking the cycle of poverty and addiction in her own life. Her eyes show her determination. I felt so pleased and proud of her in that moment and so humbled to be invited into the journey.

I have been admittedly feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things that I have to do around PNC. It’s not that I can’t delegate certain things (I have) or that I feel alone (I don’t). It’s that some things are just for me to do. I have been charged with a lot of responsibility and I long to hold it well. I desire to walk humbly, knowing always that this is not all about me. In fact, it’s not about me at all. It’s about creating a community of people built on a foundation of rock, not shifting sand. The only personality that PNC is about is God’s. And God is love.

In the spirit of love I must go deal with the pile of dishes in my kitchen and the heap of laundry waiting to be folded. A life in balance is such a challenge, no?

Good thing love is patient and kind and full of forgiveness.

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