Today I received some very hard news: my Auntie Laurie has died.

We are at our beloved camp, which in many ways feels fitting, because Laurie, Bob and their girls spent years living in Parry Sound, just a ten minute car ride away. The trees, water and rock all feel comfortingly familiar. The smell of the air is good. I looked up at the carpet of stars tonight and stood in awe and deep sadness.

As I’ve said before and am sure to say again, death sucks. I am reminded of those that have already gone and struck by the reality that more will go, including me. I long for the day that death is eradicated and all is made whole.

Life will be different for people without Laurie. In many ways the grief began a while ago, though now it takes on a new fullness.
I am relieved to know that today was peaceful for her- I know that is something which provides some comfort.

Family, friends…May the peace that passes all understanding guard your hearts and minds. Let’s remember and celebrate Laurie. Let’s laugh. And let’s sing- Laurie made sure to ask that we sing.

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