I love peaches. It’s true. I look forward to when the fruit is in season, large, ripe and dripping-ly good. Having just spent a week listening to a speaker (and friend) talk about mindfulness, I find myself slowing down enough to really appreciate the peaches I am gobbling up. It is all too often that I eat so quickly that I actually don’t taste the food. When I realize this I often think, “what a shame”. A peach is a seemingly simple thing that actually is a beautiful gift.

I was struck by the truth of this yesterday at the PNC drop-in. We received a large box of peaches as a donation. Though they weren’t all in great shape, some volunteers pared off the bruises, salvaged what they could and cut the remaining fruit into slices. I watched people fill their cups, each exclaiming how amazing it was to get to even eat peaches. One gentleman seemed to savour every.single.piece. I found myself resolving to not take the basket of peaches in my fridge at home for granted.

And so, last night I ate two peaches. Rather, last night I savoured two peaches. I held them in the palm of my hand, felt the fuzziness of their skin, smelled the sweetness and tried to think about every bite. I had to wipe the juice off my chin.

I hope, that as peach season draws to a close, I will carry this mindful approach to eating into the fall.

Apples here I come.

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