Just over a year ago I introduced you all to Katie in A New Baby. As quickly as Katie arrived into our lives she was taken away. Many of us gathered around the new family with deep hope that they could remain intact. However, foster care was deemed necessary. In a moment life changed for a baby, her parents and by extension, The Dale: Heartache and Hope for Baby.

Many of you offered very practical support during the first week of Katie’s life. You gave diapers, a stroller and car seat, clothing, books and money. You filled cupboards with food for tired parents. We made sure that all these things got to and then went with Katie. I was routinely moved by the outpouring of love for a child hardly any of you met.

This past week I received word that Children’s Aid has decided Katie can come home. Today we got an amazing gift: Katie (who is now a toddler) and her mom arrived at our Thrift Store drop-in. I think I would have fallen over had I not been already seated. There was a palpable sense of joy in the room.

It looks like we might still get to be a part of the village that helps raise this child. Join with me in prayer and hope for Katie and her parents.

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